GPIO Interface for Linux in the Ada-Programming language
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Building the GPIO-Package is done by using the package within another program (via the with statement) and calling

gnatmake mytest.adb


See for an interface. There are some functions and procedures not defined in the interface-file, only used within the package. You probably could use them, by putting them into the ads-file, but I see no point in that.

I tried to be as close to the WiringPi Interface as possible, because that is quite easy to understand.


The gpio-package uses the GPIO-Interface found in the Linux-filesystem in /sys/class/gpio/… . For adding PullUp and PullDown-functionality it uses the command-line-tool gpio, which is probably included by eather wiringPi or Raspbian. I tested the code on Raspbian 8 with an Raspberry Pi Model B+.