Oettinger Games CMS v2 goes OpenSource

Some time ago I made the decision to let Oettinger Games die. Oettinger Games was a video game website, which will no longer be supported with new content. Since then I have not touched a controller nor did I play on my PC. This showed me that I don’t need and don’t want Oettinger Games anymore.

Not only I do not have the time to go on with Oettinger Games in a sensible way, but also I don’t have the will to go on like that. The click-numbers on Youtube or the website also showed that there is no general interest in Oettinger Games and my work there.


The Oettinger Games CMS v2 has become a really great collection of PHP-code. I finished loads of projects in my studies and it worked online really well too. I wanted to upload the Code and make it OpenSource for a long time. Now that time had come. The code is available on Github [1] for some days now. Sometimes(tm) I will port Themes and Modules which I created over the years to this newer version of the Core. I updated the Interface of some Core-classes and also tried to rework the user-class. I believe this will take some time to port the modules over.

If you want to use the CMS, you should really know what you are getting yourself into. Read the documentation and read the code. Also you should be able to create Themes and Modules yourself, as there are only few module (and themes), which probably won’t do what you want.

I hope you’ll have loads of fun with the code and I’ll be happy if you want to help extent Oettinger Games CMS v2.

[1] https://github.com/naums/OettingerGamesCMS

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